Selasa, 30 April 2013

Story -Aryarangga 85

When i was 10 years old i have a pocket and a lot of money inside there. i want to buy new shoes. i lost that when i'm at way to home. i forgot to keep it at safe place. i lost my time for searching that. but i cannot find it. Finally i give up. two weeks later my mama found my pocket on my old bag. now i'm happy cause wearing new shoes for school.

 In holiday, last years my family and i went to bali, for summer vacation, i was happy because in bali my famaly and i went to kuta bali.
In there enjoying the beach preview with my family after that, we walk in the beach.
While walking i saw a children playing sand,and the found something compromised. After i look a little closer, i think that's a bomb!
I told the children to stay away from there,and i call the lifeguard to call the police.the police is coming after 10 minutes laters. and after the police coming everything is safe.

novia salsabila

   helo my name is novia salsabila.. from 85., i wanna tell my story..

   do you have a special thing? i have it! its a necklace with exo symbol in it.. i really love it.. because i feel like a power if i use it. i use it everyday.. 

   someday i went to school.. i play with my friend.. and dont think about anything.. when i arrived at home.. i feel like missing something.. and i miss that exo necklace!! i search it everywhere but i didnt found it.. im feeling bad of it.. i dont wanna search for it again..because i think it isnt mine anymore.., but. i still feel lucky without my exo necklace.. not bad.. 

    2 month later.. i want to change my pencil case to a new one .. when i open the old pencil case.. i found something that i search for this 2 months i scream on it.. im felt so glad.. now.. i promise to keep my power well

Al Faiz Alif Y

About two weeks ago, i was walking alone at the sidewalk at the evening to refresh my mind before the exam.

When i was walking, then i found some money! it's Rp.50000. I don't know who's money is it. but, i was planning to buy food and drinks with that money. so i walk to a restaurant to spend the money.

Suddenly a tall man come to me and grab my hand and say "Hey! That's my money!", he talk with scary and loud voice. I was so scared and with bravery i say "How can you assume this is your money!". then many people come and seeing us. I was so embrassed, then that man say "Look! that's my signature!" he pointing to corner of the money, then, i say "Really?! i don't trust that!". Suddenly, that man put out his wallet and show all his money to me, after that he say "Look! i signaturing all of my money!! to prevent loss it! Now gave my money!"

Because i was so scared and there's many more people coming, so just gave it to the man and go and going home. I told all what happened with me to my mother. Then my mother just laughing at me.

Senin, 29 April 2013


  Heyyo.... My,name is Ratu Amanda Q,from 85, i want tell my story....

  do you have pet? i think you have pet. maybe it's cat,dog, or maybe hamster. This time i want to tell you my story about my turtle.

 A few years ago, i lost my turtle i felt so sad :"( i lost my turtle because of the flood...
my days felt unhappy... because i lost my favorite pet... before my TURtle lost i always play with it, but because the flood my turtle lost....

After 2 months i still doesn't found my turtle, so i getting more unhappy...

One day, i weak upfrom my slept.... when i want to garden, i saw my turtle he come back.... i'm very happy...

Minggu, 28 April 2013

Find Watch.-kemal

It was 3 years ago,when i was elementry school. i was walking around the school with my friend. After played football,it was afternoon.

Suddenly,I found a watch at the ground,maybe this watch was belong to principle, i think the watch is expensive,because the watch is made from gold,then immediatly i went to canteen,to ask the canteen's seller about this watch.


Fortunately,the canteen's seller,knew many information about the watch. One hour later, i went to home to save the watch,The next day my principle gave the information about his last watch. Finally i gave back the watch to him.

Minggu, 07 April 2013


We are want to introduce our selves.

Hello... my name is AL FAIZ ALIF Y. i'm 13 years old. i'm study at 255 junior high school. my hobbies are bicycling,swimming. i like eating a lot, listening to music,dancing, watching movie. and i dislike fat.

Helloo...... My name is ARYARANGGA A. I'm 14 years old. i'm study 255 junior high school.My hobbies is playing football. i like business and i dislike AODIA.

Haaiiii....  My name is KEMAL TAUFIQ RAFI. i'm 13 years old, i'm study at 255 junior high school. My hobbies are playing football study about math, i like football, i have many favorite club, like Real Madrid cf and Manchester United and i dislike Barcelona.

annyeong! my name is NOVIA SALSABILA im 13 years old, im study at 255 junior high school. my hobbies are dancing,singing.and fangirling. i like korean much especially for super junior and u kiss. they are so handsome and awasome . i dislike people who so serious

Hello.. my name is RATU AMANDA Q. i'm 13 years old, im study at 255 junior high hobbies are cook,read,and many more... i like swimming,and water polo... i dislike cat.

Hello! my name is RUTH NIKITA. i'm 13 years old, i'm study at 255 junior high school, my hobbies are swimming, listen music etc i like horor movie and i dislike mouse.